What I Do, How & with Whom

What I do
I could dedicate my career to promoting stewed tomatoes, but that would be disingenuous. I prefer to promote the businesses/brands I respect and find fascinating!

How I do what I do
I create original website content, marketing copy, feature articles, and documentation that delivers a clear message, increases awareness, and inspires new thought –> action. I err on the side of bold engagement; “safe” makes me sleepy.

With whom
Well that’s kind of personal, isn’t it? But I’ll tell you since I’m in a great mood!  Just a few of the businesses I’ve worked with:

Global Leadership Adventures
Discover Corps/National Peace Corps Association
The Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association (GAMA)
The New York City Board of Elections
Customized Structures, Inc.
Women for Afghan Women
Treeam Production
Astoria Fine Arts: Dance
SageSmith Consulting, LLC

…and the beat goes on!


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